George “Hit Hard” Hillyard began boxing at the age of 10. He went pro at the age of 19. George has tasted fame, he’s earned millions then lost it all before being forced into an early retirement. Today, he’s fighting to earn it all back. Follow the George Hillyard story.

The heart of a fighter


George Hillyard

Super middleweight

London, UK

14 wins | 7 Losses | 1 Draw

5' 9" | 175 cm

8 wins by Knockouts

Who George?

Watch as George and a host of prominent figures in the UK boxing world tell the story fo George’s rise, his fall, and his comeback.

“He showed me a punch, he knocked this kid clean out, which is unusual for his weight division. That one punch convinced me to get involved with George Hillyard”

– Barry Hearn, Matchroom Sports

“Yeah he has good punching power for a middleweight. The Mayweathers must see something in George”

~ Kellie Melonie, Former Boxing Promoter

“I knew his Grandad, named Goggie, he could have a fight, you see, Punching Power is in George’s DNA.”

~ Ricky Grover, UK Comedian & Actor

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